Why You Should Stock Winter Tires for EV Drivers this Winter

Why You Should Stock Winter Tires for EV Drivers this Winter

Are you prepared to provide the right recommendations and stock the tires EV owners need for their vehicles this winter?

We know it’s only October, but we simply can’t wait for the snow to start falling and to search for the nearest plug to get those holiday lights glowing. Speaking of plugs: With winter coming comes the opportunity to better serve your electric vehicle customers. As temperatures drop and roads get slick, EV drivers will be looking for winter tires that can optimize cold-weather performance. But, are you prepared to provide the right recommendations and stock the tires they need? Let’s find out in this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video.

EV winter tires are specially engineered for superior traction, handling and range. Key design factors like tread pattern, rubber compound and reduced rolling resistance allow them to outperform other tires, like all-season, on ice, snow and slush.

EV drivers need a tire that is tailored to tackle the particular challenges posed by the added weight of EVs and hybrids, one that effectively strikes a balance between the imperative for reduced rolling resistance, exceptional grip in all weather and robust durability.

When an EV owner comes into your shop looking for winter tires, you need to be ready with options that align with their specific vehicle, driving habits and regional climate. Take the time to understand how many miles they drive, and their top priorities – whether it’s extending range, improving cornering or maximizing tread life – and make a recommendation that fits those needs.

Sometimes, in regions with milder winters and all-wheel-drive vehicles, a good all-season tire may suffice. However, when winter tires are an absolute necessity, factors like mileage, speed rating and traction rating all come into play.

You have an opportunity to build loyalty and become a trusted advisor by guiding EV owners to the ideal tires for winter driving. Make sure you’re stocking the latest tires for EV drivers this season, as going the extra mile will pay off in repeat business and referrals.

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