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Preparing Your Tire Shop for the Winter Season

Oldman Winter is starting to wake up. Before you know it, roads in many parts of the country will look more like skating rinks than areas to drive. While stocking up on winter tires may seem like the best option, things aren’t that simple.

In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we’ll go over some tactics and preparations you’ll need to forge a successful winter season.

When it comes to prep, it’s best to plan for the worst, sure, you can just order in accordance with past sales data. In fact, it’s recommended in many cases, but winter doesn’t always follow a schedule. A particularly harsh year can be all it takes to run your plans off the road.

Thankfully, many manufacturers have the resources to forecast potential demand for dealers willing to take advantage. Companies like Continental keep an eye on likely demand and use that to configure their manufacturing line.

Another good tactic is to use your sales data to form a game plan. Which tires saw the most sales last winter? Which do you think might sell better if you recommend them more? Planning around these detailed reports can be the difference between a wash of winter and a successful season.

Another great method is to simply know your customers. While some customers might not appreciate or know of the benefits of using winter tires, others – like Uber and Lyft drivers – are often ready to make their purchases before the first snowfall.

Offering discounts for rideshare drivers can be a great tactic in cities or other places where such apps see heavy use. Since rideshare drivers often use the app to make extra cash, they’re likely to jump at a good deal that’ll make their work safer.

Local snow truck drivers often like to prepare well ahead of time, which is why having a varied set of winter tires in December and even earlier is a good way to guarantee sales with this demographic.

You should also make sure you stay flexible. Drivers often seek to solve problems as they arise, meaning that they’ll be coming in based on factors you simply can’t predict. That’s why you should always be able to get in winter tire inventory in the event you find yourself unexpectedly running low.

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