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On Track With Beissbarth

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Chris Franklin is taking Beissbarth technology down to the trackside to help car enthusiasts get the best from their cars.


Using a Beissbarth ML Easy 8 – the Microline 8 toe sensor microprocessor alignment computer – linked to a laptop, Chris has been offering owners wheel alignment and corner weight assessments during race-track days.


Chris, of Center Gravity, says: “There is a type of car enthusiast who buys a Porsche or Honda and will invest in their engine but often ignores the tractability of the car. Each car comes out of the factory with generic settings but we can maximise those to take into account the type road use, the way it performs under stress – and the skill of the driver.

“Beissbarth has a long history. Their equipment is properly engineered, highly accurate and well tested. I understand the science of car dynamics and it soon became apparent that many owners wanted to know more about their cars and how to improve their performance. I can give them the benefits of tuning beyond factory settings.”


Porsche owner, Colin Killick of Nottingham had his car aligned by Chris, and shared his feedback with other car enthusiasts on the Honda S2000 and Porsche Club websites. He said: “To say I was impressed with Chris is an understatement. The Beissbarth equipment consists of four pods that attach to each wheel, these talk to each other and then talk to Chris’ laptop, giving graphical data printouts showing factory settings compared to actual.  Chris e-mailed me all the reports along with some photographs of the car. The whole experience was great. And I cannot recommend Chris enough.”


Chris added: “Centre of gravity is the point of perfect balance. My job is to maximise that.”

Beissbarth UK’s managing director Philip Hodges commented: “We’re delighted to see the ML Easy performing trackside – Chris is providing both an innovative an essential service. And we take it as a great compliment that he has chosen Beissbarth technology.

“In racing conditions, it is absolutely vital that service equipment delivers a peak performance where conditions are at their toughest and there is no margin for error. Beissbarth has unparalleled expertise in wheel alignment and increasingly is the top choice for race teams.”


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