Gallery: Turbo Wholesale Tire open house

Gallery: Turbo Wholesale Tire open house

Highlights from this year's annual Turbo Wholesale Tires open house event, which featured a trade show, dinner and buyers event.

Turbo Wholesale Tires recently held its annual open house event, where it introduced the new Lexani Volt-EC EV tire. However, as any of the hundreds of people in attendance will tell you, the event included much more than a tire launch. After registration, guests entered Turbo’s new tire-filled warehouse, with half the space set aside for the tire companies and dealers, food and drinks, games and stage with a nearby pile of 89 prizes worth over $25,000.

Regardless of where guests stood, they partook in a constant game of dodgeball, whether they were aware or not. A barrage of T-shirts and mini, squishy baseballs and basketballs branded with company logos were thrown from end to end by staff and patrons alike, rules left behind in exchange for fun. It was all part of the family-run mentality presented by Turbo Wholesale Tires CEO Phillip Kane, who was equally excited to get involved in the “game” to make sure no one took the evening too seriously.

Check out some highlights from the event, below.

Bridney Jordan, product manager at Turbo Wholesale Tires, next to Lexani’s new Volt-EC EV tire.
Lexani’s new Volt-EC EV tire was mounted and displayed on a Tesla sedan.
A Rolling Big Power (RBP) tire displayed on a pickup truck, washed and waxed for the event. Also pictured: A branded dodgeball, one of many that rolled under vehicles, tables and booths throughout the event.
Turbo Wholesale Tires CEO Phillip Kane.
Representatives at the Lexani booth, armed with both performance tires and the aforementioned dodgeball fodder.
The Cooper Tires booth.
Regional Sales Manager at DoubleCoin/CMA, Mike McGuinness.
The Falken Tires booth.
Trevor Lady, territory manager for Southern California (left), and Dave Roberts, territory manager for the North region (right) could be seen at the Hankook booth.
Mark Feltrin, regional sales manager (right), Jim Shipp, regional sales representative (middle) and Jeff Smiley, key account manager (right) represented BKT at its booth.
The Nexen Tire booth.
The Pirelli Tire booth.
The Venom Tire booth.
Russ Kogel, Jr., emcee for the evening and Turbo Tire’s chief operating officer, explaining the rules to a golden-ticket prize game. Guests could either pick a gift card or a mystery prize, with the top offer being an iPad.
The stash of 89 prizes, valued at over $25,000, ranging from a pack of Yeti tumblers up to a combination vacation to both Las Vegas and Disney. Guests had to purchase tires during the event to get tickets for the prize raffle.
Seven sets of cornhole boards were stationed at the far end of the facility, behind buffet style tables of food.

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