How Creating Tire Service Packages Leads to Better Transparency

How Creating Tire Service Packages Leads to Better Transparency

Consider offering good, better, best packages when offering services around installing new tires.

As a tire dealer, you know what it’s like to not always get the recognition you deserve. After doing a bevy of work on heavily sophisticated machinery, most customers don’t even realize the intricacy of the service you just provided. For example, take the task of balancing a tire, which has two to three times more procedures than most customers realize. Vehicle owners may wonder why these services need to be included in service packages at all.

In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we detail how to list your services and why to include bundling options.

To start, a detailed list of your service packages with cost breakdowns can be a good boost, but how do you know what services to include in what package?

A written menu with “á la carte” pricing is beneficial for customers not just for price transparency, but it allows those services to be bundled into basic and recommended packages at discounted prices.

By doing so, you can build customer appreciation, knowledge and trust in your services. Plus, listing individual tire services on the ticket can become your shop’s way to check repair frequency. Other services like tire rotation and TPMS service can also be added with the same list and bundling philosophy in mind.

Offering “free” customer services can also draw and build customer loyalty and increase sales. For instance, offering a 20-point vehicle inspection, tire rotation and road test, as well as a free tire check and air pressure set, can lead to uncovering necessary repairs.

Tire installation packages are a way for customers to get multiple services for their tires without having to pay full price for each of them individually. Here are some examples of “good, better, best” service packages you could offer customers:

Your “Good” package may include installing new tires, demounting and balancing.

The “Better” package could include all the services of the “Good” package, as well as other services like hidden weight weight placement, a dynamic wheel balance and TPMS reprogramming.

Your “Best” package will include everything in the other packages, plus rim bead seat inspection and cleaning, RFV premium dynamic wheel balancing, valve stem replacement and TPMS reprogramming.

Regardless of how you decide to package your services, it’s always a good idea to show the customer their savings options and let them decide if they prefer lower prices or premium service.

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