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Hunter Releases HD Elite Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer

The HD Elite has a new laser vision system for touchless wheel measurement, and automatic dimension and runout measurement.


Hunter has released the HD Elite, a heavy-duty wheel balancer that combines features of Hunter’s Road Force Elite and ForceMatch HD balancers to help eliminate wheel-related vibration and increase truck tire life.

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The HD Elite features fast cycle times with a new laser vision system for touchless wheel measurement, automatic dimension and runout measurement, and eCal Auto-Calibration, which eliminates the need for an operator to manually calibrate, Hunter says.

“The laser vision system is a game-changer for HD assemblies,” says Greg Meyer, Hunter’s product manager of wheel balancers and brake lathes. “It allows the machine to balance and measure assembly runout faster than other HD balancers. This allows us to maximize tire life and minimize vibrations without a time penalty.”

The HD Elite has capacity to handle 52-in. diameter and 500-lb. assemblies. The heavy-duty balancer is equipped with a touchscreen interface. Additionally, Hunter says, an optional load roller measures runout to correct the leading cause of vibration in heavy-duty tire assemblies.


Hunter says additional features include Automatic CenteringCheck and an improved wheel lift with a damper to smooth operation.

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