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Hunter Engineering Adds New Technology to Wheel Balancers

Hunter Engineering has added SmartSpot technology to some of its wheel balancers. SmartSpot is a moving laser dot that locates the exact location where the technician should place the designated tape weights. Hunter says this new feature will be standard on Hunter’s Road Force Elite and HD Elite wheel balancers. The laser dot pinpointing the

Innovations in Tire Equipment Technology

There’s so much we can do with better technology. Technology innovations often translate to tire changers and wheel balancers, and equipment manufacturers have made the processes for changing a tire or balancing a wheel simpler, faster and more efficient. We talk more about what innovations have been made on those fronts in the video above.

Maintaining Tire Equipment During the Winter Months

When your shop goes to remove a wheel assembly that’s dripping wet with snow melting off, it’s important to take extra care of not only the assembly but also your tire equipment.

Q&A with Coats: Tire Changers & Wheel Balancers [Audio]

Coats experts Kyle Harris and Ryan Rouser dive into some topics around tire changers and wheel balancers on tire dealers’ minds.

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Marketing Superior Wheel Service Packages in 2021

An effective way to increase your sales is to increase consumer awareness of the sub-services included in the installation packages.

Video: Hunter Dynamic Wheel Balancing

Dave Fox of Hunter Engineering and Andrew Markel of Babcox Media discuss wheel weight placement and dynamic wheel balancing.

Hunter Releases HD Elite Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer

The HD Elite has a new laser vision system for touchless wheel measurement, and automatic dimension and runout measurement.

Wheel Weight FAQs: Answering Your Questions

We answer some frequently asked questions about these tiny but mighty parts of a proper wheel balance.

Coats Launches Five New Products at SEMA 2019

The LaVergne, Tennessee-based manufacturer of tire changers, wheel balancers and accessories launched new tire changers and wheel balancers as well as an HTS inflation tool.

Ways to Reduce Wheel Balancing Comebacks

Unbalanced tires can lead to problems throughout a vehicle, and increased comebacks in the shop.

Vibration Solutions Introduces SpeedPlate EBA Wheel Balance Clamp

Vibration Solutions has released its SpeedPlate EBA, a wheel balancing clamping tool that retains its accuracy for the life of the balancing machine.

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John Bean’s B340 Digital Wheel Balancer Designed for Premium Performance

Featuring the patented PROtouch technology, the new John Bean B340 wheel balancer is the next milestone in digital balancers for the company.