The Growing Grand Touring Tire Segment

The Growing Grand Touring Tire Segment

We look at how grand touring tires have expanded beyond sedans to fit SUVs, CUVs and more.

When you think grand touring tires, sedans probably come to mind. However, the days of equating grand touring tires only with highway cruisers are fading. The segment has evolved with the market to match today’s diverse vehicle landscape. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we look at how grand touring tires have expanded beyond sedans to fit SUVs, CUVs and more.

A key difference between standard touring and grand touring tires comes down to speed ratings. Grand touring tires often exceed a 100+ mph rating for high-speed confidence, ensuring stability and responsiveness at highway speeds and during passing maneuvers.

As more vehicles now come equipped with higher speed-rated tires from the factory, demand increases for comparable grand touring replacements. When their OE tires need swapping, consumers want to maintain that high-speed capability.

Another factor in the segment’s growth is the expansion of popularity of larger-diameter wheel sizes. New vehicles roll out each year with bigger wheels compared to previous models and grand touring tires are keeping pace with more options at these larger rim diameters.

While grand touring tires used to be mostly for sedans, their balanced qualities suit today’s range of vehicles. A comfortable ride, low noise, ample traction and long treadwear make them well-suited to sedans, SUVs and CUVs.

Looking to stock a grand touring option that will fit customer needs? Continental Tire’s PureContact LS touring tire is meant for passenger cars and crossovers. It’s ideal for dry, wet, and light snow conditions and features Continental EcoPlus Technology, which provides fuel savings, shorter stopping distances on wet roads and extended tread life.

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