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Fulda – Off-Road Specialists

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Fulda Tyres has a reputation as something of an off-road specialist, with an impressive 4×4 range of tyres.


There are seven patterns available covering both on- and off-road use, providing the customer with a tyre for every application.


Designed specifically for 4×4 sport utility vehicles on the road, the latest addition to the Fulda 4×4 Range is the Fulda 4×4 Road. This tyre offers the same benefits as mid-to-high-end passenger car tyres with the additional advantages of a 4×4 design, Fulda says. It is aimed in particular at models such as the BMW X5, Chrysler Cherokee, Nissan Murano, Range Rover, VW Touareg and similar vehicles. The new tyres are designed and built to give increased road safety, road comfort and economy for the driver, Fulda claims.

Anyone who is dependent on their 4×4 vehicle all year round but also appreciates comfort and a high degree of safety both on and off road is best served by the Fulda 4×4 H, the company says. The tyre is specifically targeted at SUVs and features four wide, longitudinal grooves that provide strong resistance to aquaplaning whilst its radial blading and shoulder notches provide good wet braking and traction. Its diversity of possible applications makes the 4×4 H the ultimate all year round tyre with great economic efficiency.


The Fulda 4×4 Mix is an all year round tyre for powerful off-road vehicles, Fulda says, as the tyre is intended for every on-road and most off-road applications. The tyre’s polygonal block design gives great off-road traction and on road handling providing grip in all directions, Fulda claims. The large shoulder notches extending into the sidewall increases mud evacuation and provides off road traction. These characteristics are complemented by the noise and rolling comfort as well as the tyre’s great look.

The Fulda 4×4 Tour is a multi-purpose tyre for medium to heavy off-road applications. Its multi-directional blading leads to increased grip on wet roads and the large shoulder blocks of the tyre give good mud evacuation and mud and grass traction, Fulda says, whilst the connected centre blocks provide on road dry handling. The tyre’s carcass has good damage protection and a long life tyre tread compound make this powerful, safe tyre the ideal companion for a powerful off-road vehicle and the correct purchasing decision in terms of efficiency.


The Fulda Multitrac 4×4 is a multi-purpose on/off road tyre. Its open tread configuration provides excellent water dispersal, plus mud and snow evacuation, Fulda claims. The solid block pattern of the tyre creates optimum load distribution thus improving handling and mileage. The large shoulder notches and multi-directional blading also provide traction on wet and winter roads.

For a no-compromise professional tyre for the most demanding off-road applications, the Fulda 4×4 Trac tyre is the recommended choice, Fulda’s experts say. This tyre is for people who mainly travel on surfaces other than surfaced roads and who require extreme traction in the process. The 4×4 Trac’s impressive self-cleaning properties and high-damage resistance has distinguished itself down the years on many applications.


The Fulda 4×4 Yukon is the winter tyre for modern 4×4 and SUV vehicles. Fulda engineers have developed a rubber compound, which has been tested in Canada’s arctic region. The tyre is extremely winter resistant on the road and on- and off-road applications. Fulda says its optimal winter compatibility also extends to very changeable weather conditions.

"Fulda is one of the leading German manufacturers of 4×4 tyres," explains Nicole Howitt, brand support manager for Fulda Tyres UK. "We have a comprehensive range with patterns covering on-road and off-road applications. From the 4×4 Road developed to meet the strong consumer demand at present in the SUV market through to the 4×4 Trac for the most demanding off-road applications the customer has access to the perfect tyre for every application."


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