EV Tires: What Do You Need to Know?

EV Tires: What Do You Need to Know?

We answer your burning EV tire questions on this episode of What's Treading with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX.

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) sold in North America is only going up, which has led many a tire dealer wondering how the characteristics of these vehicles will affect tires. EVs have heavy batteries and instant torque, which creates a perfect storm for these vehicles to eat up tires. However, that’s not always the case, and tire manufacturers today are evaluating their current tire lines and working on strategies for how to address this vehicle segment.

In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX, I wanted to share an interview I did for our EV sister publication, The Buzz, on its podcast, “The Amped EV Podcast.” The Tire Review team and I have interviewed tire manufacturers over the last few years asking about their strategies for addressing the unique characteristics of EVs in their product lines. In this podcast, David Sickels, editor of The Buzz and senior editor for Tire Review, and I look to answer some burning questions about tires for EVs, delve into examples of how different tiremakers are addressing this vehicle segment and give you some actionable answers on how your shop can prepare for more EVs in your bays down the line.


  • How different tire makers are approaching the EV segment (0:44);
  • If the EV designation or dedicated EV tire lines are actually needed (5:20);
  • Are EVs good or bad for a tire dealer’s business? (8:11);
  • The level of training shops should seek out to handle EVs (12:11);
  • How EVs are the next evolution in tire technology and why more education around EVs and tires is needed for shop owners (15:27).

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