How Technicians Can Dress For Success

How Technicians Can Dress For Success

Uniform services may be one of your shop's best investments in its people.

Does your shop have uniforms? I often think about the saying: look good, feel good. But is it the same for someone who works with their hands like your technicians?

In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, let’s talk about the best ways to dress for success in your shop.

Many technicians wear uniforms, but not all auto repair shops use uniform services. Uniform services offer a range of essentials for shops including uniforms, laundry services, anti-fatigue mats, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment and more. Think about the potential time-saving and safety features that are valuable to your shop through uniform services.

Shop uniforms need to be made the right way and need to be safe. Uniform fabrics are now designed to repel oil-based fluids, so it won’t soak up like traditional fabric would. Workwear designed for technicians should feature covered buttons and snaps to prevent scratches, double-reinforced knees on pants, and belts with no exposed metal.

Another important aspect of shop fashion should be safety wear. Safety glasses fall in the personal protective equipment category, but your techs are probably wearing them every day – it’s important to always keep extra on hand and encourage techs to use them.

If you experience harsh winters, you may spend more time than usual starting and moving a customer’s car. Heated gloves and jackets can make these tasks more tolerable.

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