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Club 3633 Profile: Ron Mohler

RonMohlerRon Mohler, 30
Commercial Development Manager
Elgi Rubber Co.

Ron Mohler never really has a normal day. Half of his time is spent getting new products to the market, and the rest is spent doing things like assisting in sales management for the brands offered by Elgi Rubber Co.

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“I enjoy the idea of technical sales. In this industry your most valuable weapon is knowledge of a product and its proper application,” he says

In high school Mohler did on-the-job training at Evans Tire, a tire retreading company in central Florida. This sparked an interest in the tire industry that led to his current position at Elgi Rubber, where he has been for more than five years.

Mohler believes that taking the advice of those with more experience than him has given him a leg up in the industry. “Without their guidance,” he says, “I’d probably be tending bar somewhere today.”


FUN FACT: If Mohler could be an animated character he’d be Baloo – carefree and all about the “bare necessities.”


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