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Canada Updates Tire Regs


Transport Canada has outlined a number of changes in regulations pertaining to tires.

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The new regulations, announced by Transport Minister Lisa Raitt on Nov. 20, are intended to enhance the safety of tires manufactured for the Canadian market; they also bring Canadian regulations more closely in line with those enforced in the U.S. Manufacturers have until Sept. 1, 2014, to comply with the regulations.
“Safety is paramount when out on the road,” said Raitt. “The safety of Canadian road users will be improved as all tyres sold in Canada must meet the new testing requirements, in addition to proposed standards for appropriately marked winter tires.”

The newly announced regulations allow the enforcement of winter tire standards if manufacturers choose to use the peaked mountain with a snowflake symbol. Transport Canada’s viewpoint is that when Canadian-market manufacturers choose to apply this symbol, it indicates to consumers that the tire meets Canadian winter tyre regulatory standards.

“These changes will give consumers easier and better access to crucial information about their tires,” said Jeff Walker, vice president of public affairs for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). “CAA supports regulatory measures that enhance consumer knowledge and choice.”

By implementing these regulations, Transport Canada says the country’s government is responding to tire and vehicle manufacturers who have encouraged the government to align Canadian tire safety regulations with those of the U.S.


The new regulations replace the current Motor Vehicle Tire Safety Regulations, 1995. (Tyres & Accessories)

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