Yokohama Rubber introduces Advan dB V553 tire in Asia

Yokohama Rubber introduces Advan dB V553 tire in Asia

Initially launching in Japan and Asian markets, the Advan dB V553 will come in 46 sizes and emphasizes quietness and comfort.

Yokohama Rubber has introduced a new tire, the Advan dB V553. According to the manufacturer, the Advan dB V553 is a premium comfort tire that will provide a quiet ride throughout its lifespan and will initially launch in Japan and Asian markets starting in February. Yokohama Rubber plans to provide the tire in 46 sizes, ranging from 225/45R21 95W to 155/65R14 75H.

The Advan dB V553 is a successor to the Advan dB V552 unveiled in 2017 and was developed under the concept of a “premium comfort tire with sustainably superb quietness,” Yokohama Rubber said. In addition to enhancing the quietness of its predecessor, the Advan dB V553 features a construction that slows the deterioration of the tire’s quietness and wet performance typically caused by the usual wear during a tire’s normal lifespan, the manufacturer said.

Yokohama Rubber said the development of the Advan dB V553 included creating a new tread pattern design and structures for each tire size. The Advan dB V553 also bears Yokohama Rubber’s “E+” mark indicating that the tire is suitable for use on EVs. In addition to placing the “E+” mark on the tire’s sidewall, Yokohama Rubber said it is prominently displaying the “E+” mark in its tire catalogs and websites so that customers can identify the Advan dB V553 as a tire that incorporates technologies that meet the special needs of EVs. In addition, Yokohama Rubber said it is using electricity derived from renewable energy sources in its production of the tires.

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