Why Tire Dealers Need to Fortify Their Data – and How to Do It

Why Tire Dealers Need to Fortify Their Data – and How to Do It

Torqata executives discuss how vulnerable tire dealer data can be as well as some of the most common cyber attacks they're seeing.

When you think of your shop’s most valuable assets, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s expensive shop equipment or the price that comes with employing skilled technicians. These are great answers, but the experts from Torqata, a data analytics software company that works mainly with tire manufacturers, distributors and retailers, suggest the answer may be a bit less tangible.

“Tire dealers handle a wide range of sensitive data. Customers provide addresses, emails, phone numbers, and even identification details for their vehicles. Protecting this customer data is paramount,” says Tim Eisenmann, CEO of Torqata.

A tire dealer’s sensitive data – including customer information and internal operational data – might be their most valuable assets, yet often times it can be some of their least protected resources.

“Modern times have seen a shift towards web-based shop management systems. This exposes businesses to a range of cyber threats, including phishing and ransomware,” adds AJ Pryor, Chief Technical Officer at Torqata. “Human error remains a significant vulnerability.”

On this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, Eisenmann and Pryor join us to explain just how sensitive and vulnerable tire dealer data can be, some of the most common cyber attacks on tire dealers, the steps that can be taken to improve data security, and even a few of the industry standards and certifications that tire dealers should be aware of.

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