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Raybestos Launches R-Line+ Rotor

Raybestos debuted its R-Line+ Rotor, featuring what the company says is resilient resin material, advanced metallurgy and enhanced surface finish for consistent braking.

Raybestos R-Line+ Rotor
How to Diagnose Anti-Lock Brake System Issues

ABS activation incidents ­involve the ABS modulator taking over braking or intervening to restore vehicle stability.

Key Areas to Focus on During a Brake Job

These tips may seem basic, but overlooking any of them can cause comebacks or safety issues for your customers.

Why Brake Components are Getting Lighter

Vehicles are becoming heavier, which means they need larger, more robust components to keep up.

PRT Expands North American Aftermarket Product Offerings

The new items come to extend the PRT portfolio in North American Market and represents more than five million vehicles in new coverage.

O’Reilly Introduces Next Generation of Brake Pads with BrakeBest Select Pro

O’Reilly’s says its new brake pads feature noise cancellation, corrosion resistance and a break-in coating for domestic vehicle models.

Identifying Weak Springs that Need to be Replaced

The constant use of springs as your customers drive causes them to wear down, highlighting noticeable performance issues.

The Secret Behind Selling Ride Control

Proper inspection and communication with customers can make the process of selling ride control a lot easier.

Meyle Broadens Product Range with Two-Component PD Brake Discs

Seven new references for the two component Meyle PD brake discs are now available for the BMW models 3 to 8 Series, X3 to X5, and Z4, and for Mercedes C-Class and E-Class models.

NAPA Auto Parts is the Preferred Retailer of Brembo’s EV Brake Kit

NAPA said the Brembo Beyond parts kit will include a range of 32 part numbers.

Inspecting Ball Joints

Ball joints may be small, but if they fail drivers will lose control of the vehicle.

What to Know About Multi-Piston Brake Calipers

Many high-performance vehicles come equipped with multi-piston calipers that need special attention during a brake job.