How to Lift an Electric Vehicle

How to Lift an Electric Vehicle

The industry is shifting to EVs and putting the money up to back it - are you ready? Shop tips are sponsored by BendPak.

The auto industry is investing more than $1 trillion into shifting new vehicle production from internal combustion to electric power. Forecasters estimate EVs could account for up to one-third of the North American market by 2029. With dozens of electric models from domestic and import brands already on the road, chances are good that if you haven’t yet had an EV in your shop, you will soon enough. Investing in technical training and equipment will ensure you’re ready when the time comes.

How to Lift

Most EVs are designed with high-voltage batteries under the vehicle. The battery packs are large – taking up most of the undercarriage – and heavy. As a result, the OEM-recommended lifting points are often on the far edges of the vehicle frame.

To safely lift an EV, you’ll need a vehicle lift with sufficient rated capacity and the capability to engage with the lifting points. Leading equipment manufacturer BendPak, Inc. has re-engineered its two-post lifts to meet the challenges of EV service.

The new BendPak AP Series two-post lifts feature a patent-pending swing arm design that offers greater extension and retraction than ever to reach even the most difficult lifting points. And their low profile means you can access both in-close and far-out lifting points without damaging vehicle ground effects.

For extra strength and peace of mind, BendPak strategically increased the high-strength steel used in critical load-holding components and invented an Automatic Swing Arm Restraint System (ASARS) with twice as much holding grip as traditional systems to help prevent dangerous, unplanned movement of the lift arms.

AP Series lifts offer the convenience of wide or narrow installation and their Bi-Metric swing arms enable a single lift to be used for both symmetric and asymmetric lifting. A choice of heights can accommodate cars, SUVs and even high-roof cargo vans — regardless of powertrain.

How to Lower

To ergonomically remove a high-voltage battery pack, you’ll want to invest in a lifting table. BendPak’s new Mobi-EVS EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system makes it easy to lift, lower and position high-voltage batteries, as well as internal combustion powertrain components. Its compact design and easy-glide swivel castors let this space-saving scissor lift move effortlessly throughout the shop.

The Mobi-EVS delivers wireless, rechargeable electric/hydraulic operation which improves operator efficiency by eliminating the need for a manual hand crank or foot pump. Its twin-cylinder design provides maximum load stability for lifting and lowering, while an automatic safety lock system secures up to 4,000 pounds at working heights up to 75˝. All Mobi-EVS models come standard with an impact-resistant UHMW protective cover on the lift table, providing insulation from electric shock hazards.

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