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Schrader Walks Through ST-1 TPMS Tool Capabilities at SEMA

The ST-1 TPMS tool programs a vehicle’s sensor and reads the sensor from the sidewall of the tires, Schrader’s Yanick Leduc explained.


At the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nov. 2-5, Schrader TPMS Solutions showed off the features of its new ST-1 TPMS tool, which features EZ Sensor Programming and an OBDII Quick Connect Cable, Yanick Leduc, North American technical team leader at Schrader, told Tire Review during a booth visit.

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The ST-1 programs a vehicle’s sensor and reads the sensor from the sidewall of the tires, Leduc said. The tool also allows you to program each sensor. There are many sensors that are pre-programmed to fit on specific vehicles, but Schrader TPMS provides EZ Sensor Programming where a tool is taken out of a box and needs to be programmed.

“The tool tells the sensor, ‘OK, you want to install that in a Dodge Charger 2021,'” Leduc said as an example. “After that, the sensor is programmed to behave just like an OE sensor.”

The ST-1 TPMS Tool also has a customer/job management feature and can measure tire tread depth with the use or purchase of some additional equipment, according to Schrader.

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