Testing the Off-Road Capabilities of the Sailun TerraMax RT

Testing the Off-Road Capabilities of the Sailun TerraMax RT

We took the TerraMax RT through the wringer - including sharp turns on steep canyon cliffs, cage-rattling rocks and high-speed merging.

On a recent Las Vegas ride-and-drive, Sailun Tire got us behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler to put its rugged-terrain tires, the TerraMax RT, through their paces. On both the highway roads of Las Vegas and the tough, rocky terrain from Red Rock Canyon, we were able to see how these tires perform in various conditions.

Sailun Tire’s executive leadership emphasized the goal of bringing value-brand tier-three tires with tier-one capabilities for all North American customers. With that in mind, Sailun introduced the TerraMax RT this summer, emphasizing that its new RT tire was designed to excel in off-road performance, demonstrating outstanding capabilities on gravel, mud and rocks alike.

Before starting the test ride, we noticed the aggressive tread pattern and sturdy construction of the tires. The TerraMax RT has really deep treads too – we’re talking 16- to 18/32 inches deep. In terms of tread design, the shoulder lugs are squared off and staggered to really chomp into the terrain.

Check out the aggressive tread pattern and sturdy construction of the tires with grooves 16- to 18/32 inches deep.

While the main point of this trip was clearly to test the off-roading capabilities of the new TerraMax RT, we started our journey in the middle of the Las Vegas strip in a parking garage, so we needed to take these rugged Jeeps on the highway for about 40 minutes. As rugged as these treads are, the ride is meant to be quiet on the highway, thanks to a softer tread compound. 

After that 40-minute drive on the highway, it was time to test the TerraMax RT’s limits on one of Red Rock Canyon’s off-road trails. Right away, we could tell how the TerraMax gripped everything with ease – mud, gravel, rocks — we could feel, and literally see, the tire’s ability to remain stable through debris and not slip between rocks, keeping the Jeep stable enough to feel like I was in control the entire time.

TerraMax RT interview
The TerraMax gripped mud, gravel and rocks with ease. We could feel the tire’s ability to remain stable through debris and not slip between rocks.

Though we saw no snow, these tires do have a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification for plowing through winter weather. It’s worth noting that the 3PMS certification isn’t just about winter performance; it also comes with an interesting benefit for off-road enthusiasts. Sailun’s TerraMax RT engineers told me that, because of the soft tread compound needed for a 3PMS rating, drivers can enjoy even more grip strength and traction than other RT tires without the 3PMS certification.

Thinking about stocking TerraMax RT tires? Sailun is manufacturing the TerraMax RT in 36 sizes, from 17 to 22 inches. The TerraMax RT covers a range of vehicle options, whether your customers own trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs and the company even makes them in giant 37-inch flotation sizes for seriously lifted trucks and Jeeps. The tires are available now with distribution in the US handled by TBC.

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