Pirelli’s New Tire Logo Signals Sustainable Materials

Pirelli’s New Tire Logo Signals Sustainable Materials

The marking was used for the first time on the P Zero E, which is made of more than 55% sustainable materials.

Pirelli created a bespoke logo to identify tires that contain at least 50% materials of bio-based and recycled origin. The new marking – which depicts two arrows in a circle and will be adopted on new products – underlines Pirelli’s commitment to the environment, the company said. This new logo is also designed as a clear indication for customers, allowing them to choose more sustainable tires.

The latest Pirelli marking was used for the first time on the P Zero E, which contains more than 55% of materials of bio-based and recycled origin.

Pirelli’s path towards reduced environmental impact includes the increasing use of sustainable materials. Pirelli said its initial objective, originally set for 2025, has already been achieved two years early thanks to P Zero E. The next step, set for selected product lines by 2030, envisages the use of at least 60% of materials of bio-based origin and 12% recycled, with less than 30% of fossil-derived ingredients. Pirelli said it aims to regularly improve these targets thanks to the technological innovation of all the different departments involved in tire development.

The main challenge in developing the new P Zero E was to combine the need for sustainability with the high performance required from a UHP tire. This objective was reached thanks to these new materials, Pirelli said, which include:

  • Lignin: Lignin comes from the scrap of the pulp and paper industry. Lignin contributes to tire durability and foreseen rolling resistance reduction.
  • Rice husk ash silica: Rice husk ash silica derives from the scrap of rice cultivation. Silica is widely used in tread compounds to obtain a high level of performance in wet conditions. Rice husk ash silica is a good replacement for fossil-based silica in such tread applications.
  • Circular carbon black: Circular carbon black derives from end-of-life tires pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis is a way to prevent landfill disposal of end-of-life tires. Carbon black is used in rubber compounds to optimize stability, strength, and durability of tires.
  • Bio-circular polymers: Bio-circular polymers are made from monomers derived from used cooking oils or tire pyrolysis oil. They are a replacement for fossil-sourced polymers.
  • Natural rubber: Natural rubber is obtained from the latex of Hevea Brasiliensis, the rubber tree. This is a material 100% derived from biomass.
  • Bio resins: Bio resins are plasticizers deriving from vegetal biomass such as plant seeds (sunflower or canola) or forest-based resins. Bio resins are versatile ingredients, providing a better balance of dry and wet performance. 
  • Rayon: Rayon is a textile reinforcement of a tire, with fibers deriving from cellulose.

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