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New Skid Steer Radial Designed With Dealers and Operators

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The new Galaxy AT Grip Steel from Yokohama Off-Highway Tires was designed from the ground up in close consultation with OTR tire dealers and skid steer operators. The result is a revolutionary radial that delivers all-around performance and longer tire life for skid steers.

            “With the AT Grip Steel, we’ve combined all the advantages of radial construction with the extra sidewall reinforcement that customers wanted,” says Dhananjay Bisht, Product Manager—Earthmoving, Construction and Industrial Tires for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America. “The AT Grip Steel is also positioned to provide great value and low total cost of ownership. That makes this the perfect time, and the perfect tire, for switching skid steers over to radials.”


            Bisht says skid steer operators made it clear that sturdy sidewalls are very important in skid steer tires.

            “We designed the AT Grip Steel with an extra sidewall ply for stability, cut and puncture resistance, and to minimize bucking and bouncing,” Bisht says. “Skid steer tires are under constant strain, and stability is important to operators. We developed an innovative flex-dampening ring below the bead to stabilize the sidewall and focus flexion closer to the ground. The result is that the AT Grip Steel has the broad, even footprint you expect from a radial as well as a more stable sidewall.”


            In rigorous field testing, the Galaxy AT Grip Steel radial outlasted conventional bias-ply skid steer tires by as much as 50%. The new radial is three to nearly four times more puncture-resistant than competitive bias-ply tires. And with its retreadable casing, the AT Grip Steel can deliver even longer service for equipment owners and retread business opportunities for dealers, says Bisht.

            “The Galaxy AT Grip Steel radial brings skid steer tires to a new level because this is literally the tire that our customers asked for,” he notes.


            The Galaxy AT Grip Steel combines a variety of features for outstanding radial performance in skid steer applications:

The Galaxy AT Grip Steel radial is available in the following sizes:




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