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Mobile vs. Responsive: More Details


While a mobile-friendly solution is a must, how can you decide between a separate mobile site or a responsive site? Holly Biondo, marketing coordinator for Net Driven, breaks down the differences:

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Mobile Site

Designed to be a scaled back version of your website that will make it easier to view and navigate on a mobile device. Consider the following:

• A mobile site is essentially a separate site from your regular business website, with its own competing URL.

• Being redirected between two sites can be frustrating for the user.

• Because a mobile site uses a separate URL, links shared from mobile browsers will not count toward a primary site, so they will not help in search engine rankings.


• A mobile site may have to be redesigned or updated to accommodate next generation devices and can require different versions for different browsers.

• A separate mobile site requires its own SEO strategy and planning, meaning there will be two sites and two SEO strategies to monitor.

Responsive Site

As a single website (and a single URL) that will adapt to any viewing device, a responsive site is favored by Google in SEO rankings. Consider the following:

• A responsive site has all of the content and functionality of a full site, but in an easier to navigate format.

• A responsive website will be able to accommodate any next generation devices because it is a very forward thinking process.

• A single responsive site only requires one SEO strategy to manage and implement.

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Business Operations

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