MatraX to Showcase New Tire Patterns at SEMA

MatraX to Showcase New Tire Patterns at SEMA

The Urcola +, Romero, Colmenar and Navarra patterns will be showcased in prototype formats.

MatraX Tyres is making its debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Established in the industry two years ago by Portuguese-based Grupo Alves Bandeira, MatraX said it is now looking to gain “a confidentially expected presence in the US market.” At its SEMA booth, MatraX will showcase a series of new tire patterns covering high performance (HP), ultra-high performance (UHP) SUV and light truck (LT) market sectors.

MatraX will also be using its debut at SEMA 2023 to showcase four completely new tire patterns – Urcola + for the UHP sector, Romero for the HP sector, Navarra for the SUV and 4×4 sectors and the Colmenar for the LT sector.

The MatraX Urcola incorporates a designed tread pattern to enhance the demands of high-speed driving including optimal control and responsiveness, the company said. The tread pattern also includes a thermal-resistant coating, effectively reducing heat build-up at high speeds. The pattern features V-shaped blocks to improve grip and water drainage performance. The tire is also equipped with MatraX’s AcousticEase (AE), an internal layer that helps to reduce road noise, the company said.

The MatraX Romero offers a dual-sided asymmetric pattern along with an innovative compound and tread to give improved traction on both wet and dry road surfaces. Plus, balanced pressure distribution effectively promotes even wear, durability and fuel efficiency, MatraX said.

The MatraX Navarra incorporates a traction system that adapts to both on and off-road conditions and a rubber compound that balances grip and longevity. Plus, additional tread layers in high wear areas promote resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasions and large edge lugs provide extra traction in off-road conditions, the company says.

Finally, MatraX said its Colmenar features a dual-sided pattern for turning precision and offers outer extensions for even greater road contact. It also includes a reinforced construction arrangement that withstands heavy loads, and a special design that lowers rolling resistance and a tread pattern that absorbs road noise.

The Urcola +, Romero and Colmenar patterns will be showcased in prototype formats on the MatraX booth during the show and it is anticipated that the Navarra prototype will be ready in time for the show as well.

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