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K&M Tire Dealer Benefits: Falken Tire’s Boost Program

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Being a K&M Tire Mr. Tire / Big 3 Tire program dealer is the perfect way for today’s independent tire dealers to maximize their profits without giving up their shop’s identity. As a Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire program dealer, tools like the Falken Boost Program have been specifically designed to make every Falken Tire sale worth a little more for your bottom line.

The Falken Boost Program, exclusively available to Mr. Tire / Big 3 Tire program dealers, offers quarterly cash rewards, an exclusive point-of-purchase kit and consumer incentives. Enrollment is easy – let’s get started.

Get Rewarded

Squeezing the most out of every sale starts here: As a participant in the Falken Boost program, your shop can receive a cash payout based on the number of Falken Tire units you purchase each quarter. Getting started is easy because there is no opening order requirement.

To qualify for the Falken Boost Program, your shop must purchase a minimum of 30 units per quarter. Your reward will grow depending on the number of Falken Tire units you purchase that quarter.

For instance, if you purchase between 30-124 Falken Tire units, you will receive a payout of $1 per tire as part of the first reward tier. Dealers who purchase between 125-399 Falken Tire units in a quarter will receive a payout of $2 per tire, and dealers who purchase 400 units or more will receive $3 per tire.

This means that dealers who buy the minimum 30 Falken Units will have an extra $30 in their pocket that quarter, and dealers who take advantage of third-tier rewards will walk away with at least $1,200. All dealers have to do to get the rewards flowing is contact their K&M Tire sales representative.

Take These Tools to Maximize Success

To best take advantage of the benefits offered by the Falken Boost Program, Falken and K&M Tire have invested in point-of-purchase materials that allow the Falken brand to be prominently displayed in your showroom. This not only attracts customers to the brand but also assists your service advisors and counter professionals when making specific brand recommendations.

The Falken Boost Program includes a nice little “boost” for consumers as well. Throughout the year, customers will receive a $70 prepaid Mastercard gift card with the purchase of specific Falken tires. It’s a win-win situation for both your shop and your customer.

K&M Tire is always on the lookout for ways the independent tire dealer can cash in without a huge commitment of time and effort from store staff members. Partnering with companies that benefit you and contribute to your bottom line is crucial, and by selling the Falken brand, the Falken Tire Boost program can earn you anywhere from an extra $30 to over $1,200 per quarter. It pays to be a Mr. Tire / Big 3 Tire dealer! For more information on the program, visit kmtire.com/mrtire.

Note: Dealers currently enrolled in the Falken Fanatic Program through a distributor other than K&M Tire are not eligible for this program.

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