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Gallery: Continental’s Intelligent Tires

Take a tour of Conti’s intelligent construction tire launch featuring its digital tire monitoring solutions.


At Continental’s Uvalde Proving Grounds in west Texas, the German technology company launched its third generation of medium-duty truck construction tires – called “intelligent” tires, since they come factory-equipped with a Continental TPMS sensor attached to the tire’s 3-G casing.

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Stations around the proving grounds showcased the capabilities of the three new commercial construction tires that pair with the company’s digital tire monitoring solutions for fleets. The three new tires include the Conti HSC 3, a steer tire for construction, coal haulers, logging and other all-position service use; the Conti HAC 3, a wide-base all-position fitment for on/off-road and mixed-service applications, and; the Conti HDC 3, a drive tire for construction, coal haulers, logging, waste haulers and on/off-road mixed-use applications.

Scroll down to check out the new tires and see snapshots from the day’s demonstrations featuring Conti’s digital tire monitoring solutions.

The Conti HSC 3’s wet traction was tested on the cobblestone hill climb at the Continental Uvalde Proving Grounds.
Dave Pickel, lead tire developer on for the company’s three new “intelligent” commercial construction tires shows a cutout of one of the tires, pointing out the construction of the belt package.
Participants rode shotgun as drivers sped up to 50 mph and stopped on a wet braking course to showcase the wet traction of the Conti HSC 3 and Conti HDC 3.
The Conti HSC 3 commercial construction tires are driven on a curbing course at the company’s Uvalde Proving Grounds to show event participants the tire’s sidewall durability and tire construction.
The Coni HAC 3 (pictured), equipped on a cement mixer, comes in two flotation sizes, making it capable of wading through sand and other tough terrain.
A Ford F450 equipped with Conti Terra HD3 climbs a rocky hill at the Uvalde Proving Grounds. Participants drive Ford F450s through the Off-Road Course at the Proving Grounds.
Continental Terra HD3 mud
A Ford F450 equipped with Conti Terra HD3 tires wades through a mud pit in Continental’s Uvalde Proving Grounds Off-Road Course. The Terra HD 3 can also come equipped with a pre-installed TPMS sensor upon customer request.
Continental Terra HD3 gravel
The Continental Terra HD3 on a Ford F450 traverses over a gravel passageway in Continental’s Off-Road Course at its Proving Ground in Uvalde Texas.
The ContiPressureCheck handheld system with two TPMS sensors below. In the three new tires, the TPMS sensors are attached to the tire’s casing, which help it send out the most accurate temperature and pressure ratings, the Conti commercial team says.
Continental Tire Monitoring Solutions Michelle Reinhart
Michelle Reinhart, head of digital solutions, demonstrated how the company’s digital solutions work with its “intelligent tires,” and how using the suite of solutions can save fleets money in the long run.
The ContiConnect dashboard shows fleet managers their fleet’s tire data. The portal allows fleet managers to check in on their fleet’s tire maintenance for each vehicle with a click of a button and sends them maintenance alerts via text or email with proactive instructions to correct a tire issue.
The ContiConnect Yard Reader was situated at each site at the Proving Grounds to collect tire data from each vehicle during the demonstrations. The Yard Reader collects tire pressure and temperature from the tire’s built-in TPMS sensors and sends it to the ContiConnect dashboard as well as through alerts to a fleet manager’s email or cell phone if there is a potential tire issue.
Adrien Leu, senior technical solutions manager, explained that all Continental radial OTR tires come with the sensors pre-installed straight from the factory.

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