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Business Planning Guide for Tire Dealers: Consumer Finance in the Retail Realm

If a customer doesn’t have the cash to cover their purchase, they typically have three useful payment options to give them flexibility.


Snap Finance Consumer Finance Retail Realm

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When you offer financing options to your customers, it’s a win-win situation. If a customer doesn’t have the cash to cover their purchase, they can finance and still get what they need. You save the sale and gain a grateful customer.

What Do Financing Companies Offer?

When a customer has a lease-to-own agreement from a financing company, it means that the lender purchases the item and allows the customer to use it until the terms of the lease are complete. At that point, they obtain full ownership.


Fast, Flexible Payment Options

Using Snap as an example, they promise fast, flexible, and friendly service. Snap offers three different payment options – giving your customers the flexibility they need.


The Power of KPIs

Succession Planning

Consumer Finance Retail Realm SNap Finance

Snap Finance 2018 Business PLanning Guide Tire REview

The Tire Review Business Finance Guide is sponsored by Snap Finance, a digital-finance company that specializes in providing consumer financing and rent-to-own purchase options.

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