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4 Steps to Securing the Tire Sale

Use these four simple steps as the foundation for any retail sale in your shop.

Business Finance Guide for Tire Dealers: Investing in New Equipment

Explore the main questions you should consider when purchasing a new, major piece of equipment for your shop.

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Business Finance Guide for Tire Dealers: 5 Ways to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Accepting credit cards is a priority for most tire dealers, but it doesn’t have to come at a price. Find out how you can get lower credit card processing fees, and in turn, save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars this coming year.

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Business Planning Guide for Tire Dealers: Consumer Finance in the Retail Realm

If a customer doesn’t have the cash to cover their purchase, they typically have three useful payment options to give them flexibility.

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Four Creative Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Experts say there is a direct relationship between keeping employees happy and getting the best out of them, but improving morale in the shop is a deceptively simple goal.

Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing

If you print a brochure, business cards, or buy space in the Yellow Pages, your website address should be on everything.

Business Toolbox: Setting a Price

Establishing price is based on three things: 1) Your costs 2) The profit you hope to make 3) The price your customers are willing to pay.

Surviving an IRS Audit

The IRS collected $7.3 billion from audits in 2015. Small businesses (sole proprietorships in particular) are more likely to be targeted than bigger companies. But the experience doesn’t have to be painful.

Myth or Fact? Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Are you curious about workers’ compensation insurance as a small business owner? The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has put together a list of common myths and misconceptions about workers’ compensation.

Driving a ‘Connected Business Model’

In what has been compared to an “industry family reunion,” approximately 1,300 Goodyear dealers and distributors from across North America gathered in late January at the Gaylord Resort in Orlando for the Goodyear Customer Conference.

Assuming the Sale

Looking to increase sale performance? Teach your employees to assume the sale.

Selecting a CPA

A certified public account (CPA) can provide a wealth of services to your company, including business advice and technical assistance. And with the right CPA, you can save money and become more profitable.

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