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Bridgestone, Microsoft Create Tire Monitoring System

Bridgestone says it is collaborating with Microsoft to develop a new monitoring system for detecting tire damage issues in real-time.

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Bridgestone says its Tire Damage Monitoring System delivers real-time awareness of damage. It uses the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) cloud framework together with existing sensor data, from hardware that is already installed, and uses algorithms to detect events affecting the tire surface and carcass. The driver can then be immediately notified of the hazard and act accordingly to remedy the situation, Bridgestone says.

The company says the system not only understands when damage has occurred, but also where. Bridgestone says future autonomous vehicles could also be beneficiaries of the system.

Currently, Bridgestone’s new Tire Damage Monitoring System is available to all vehicle fleets and OEMs that use MCVP, the company says. The partnership with Microsoft also enables Bridgestone to further develop its solution to meet the requirements of fleets and key OEM partners.

MCVP will provide Bridgestone with a digital infrastructure that will accelerate its delivery of connected mobility solutions, providing access to a multitude of Microsoft Azure cloud, AI, and IoT capabilities, Bridgestone says. In turn, working with Bridgestone helps Microsoft grow its ecosystem of supporting partners, and enables MCVP’s customers to integrate these partner’s solutions into their own offerings.

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