Help Customers Gain Performance by Replacing Brake Pad Hardware

Help Customers Gain Performance by Replacing Brake Pad Hardware

The small parts of brake pad hardware can make a difference in overall performance.

Every technician has struggled with those little wire clips that push the brake pads onto the pistons on some calipers. I mean these little clips can barely fit into the holes on the new pads and can shoot across the shop like a rubber band.

But they can make a difference. So, let’s dig into the importance of brake pad hardware and how it can help overall vehicle performance in this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video.

Like we’ve said in past videos, small vehicle parts can make a big difference. Brake pad hardware is no exception.

First, let’s talk about the springs and clips. Heating and cooling cycles can weaken these parts, and weak hardware can result in excessive caliper or pad movement, causing noise and other related problems. This can lead to uneven and premature pad wear, rotor warpage and pulling. Some springs and clips can be difficult to install but leaving them out is not an option.

Next come the soft parts. You know, those unsung heroes of brake pad hardware: the dust shields, grommets and bushings. Most floating brake calipers use a rubber or plastic insulator or shim around the caliper’s mounting bolts. This sleeve of soft material loses resiliency over time, especially since it’s exposed to the high-temperature environment of the vehicle’s brakes. As materials wear, instead of being round, they’re flattened by the torque from the brakes into an oval shape that can cause excessive caliper movement. This can also produce noise like rattles and thumps,

Unlike steel, soft parts like rubber are sensitive to chemicals. Choosing the right lubricant for these parts is critical to ensuring their longevity and integrity.

Lastly, let’s talk about brake shims. Think of a shim as a sandwich of materials that is attached to the back of the brake pad. Sometimes, brake shims can experience, “shim migration” or shifting that can negate its insulating abilities. Automakers and aftermarket parts suppliers are developing better and better attachment systems to alleviate this problem of shims detaching from the backing plate. But remember, a shim serves a purpose and does not do its job if it’s left in the box.

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