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A/C Compressor Bracket Replacement on Kia Sedona


Some 2002-’05 Sedona (GQ) vehicles may exhibit a humming noise and vibration when the A/C is turned on. To address this condition, replace the A/C compressor bracket with P/N 1K52Y 15810FFF. See Figure 1.
Figure 1: Original bracket (left) and the new replacement bracket
Repair Procedure:
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

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2. Loosen the three mounting bolts (10 mm) to remove the air intake hose.

3. Loosen one low side pressure line mounting bracket bolt (10 mm). See Figure 2.

4. Connect the A/C charge and recovery system to the vehicle, and recover all R-134a refrigerant from the A/C system.
Figure 2
5. Lift the vehicle off the ground and loosen the 10 mounting bolts (10 mm) to remove the under cover.

6. Remove the right front wheel and wheel house shield.

7. Remove the serpentine drive belt by first loosening the center bolt of the pulley. See Figure 3.

8. Loosen the adjustment bolt and remove the belt.

9. Remove the idler pulley bracket from the main A/C bracket by removing the three bolts (14 mm).

10. Remove the A/C high and low pressure lines from the A/C compressor by loosening two bolts (14 mm).

11. Disconnect the compressor clutch wiring, then remove the compressor from the bracket by loosening four bolts (14 mm).
Figure 3
Notice: Do not turn the compressor upside down; keep in its upright position or oil may leak from high and low side ports.

12. Disconnect the alternator wiring connector and loosen the four bolts (14 mm) to remove the alternator.

13. Loosen the five bolts (14 mm) to remove the original A/C compressor bracket.

14. Remove the idler pulley bracket from the new A/C compressor bracket before installation.

15. Using the reverse process, reinstall all components making sure all A/C system sealing surfaces are dry and clean.

Caution: Be sure to add a small amount of PAG oil to the A/C line O-rings before assembly.

16. Using the A/C charge and recovery system, apply a vacuum to the vehicle and check for any leakage.

17. After confirming no leakage, charge the A/C system with PAG oil. (Min. 30 cc)

18. Charge the A/C system with correct amount of R-134a refrigerant:

• Production Date – Job 1 to 06-21-03 — 1,000 grams

• Production Date – 06-22-03 to 11-22-04 — 1,150 grams

• Production Date – 11-23-04 and later — 1,050 grams

19. Verify proper engine, alternator and A/C operation, confirm correction of original A/C humming noise.  

Courtesy of Alldata

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