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2006 Market Profile


The North American tire industry was on an uptick in 2005, with shipments hitting record levels. And tire dealers enjoyed a lion’s share of the business. The question is: What will ever-shifting market forces do to re-shape the present and future of the tire industry?

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What’s up one day is down the next. It’s this constantly changing landscape that makes it so difficult to pin down an accurate picture of the overall tire industry. To help steady the shifting target, we’ve compiled this Market Profile section – a collection of real-world data that, taken as a whole, can help you see emerging markets while they are still trends so you can better prepare your business for what lies ahead.

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Through painstaking research, we’ve been able to assemble this collection of data, which includes: tire brand marketshares in the tire dealer channel; tire shipments for passenger, light truck/SUV, medium truck, OTR, ag/forestry; a look at the OE and replacement segments of the high performance market; the most popular tire sizes at OE and replacement; brand and channel segmentation; new vehicle sales and vehicle registrations as well as miles driven by vehicle type.

It’s a truly comprehensive look at a dynamic industry.

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