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Video: Where is Your Vehicle Data Going?

Who has access to data your vehicle is producing? Spoiler alert – it isn’t the driver and it isn’t the independent repair facility. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.


You can specify the color combination and options of that new truck –you make the payments –you park it in YOUR garage. But you know what? Your truck is revealing things about you that you don’t realize to people you don’t even know. And it’s totally legal. Did you know that in just two years, 87% of the cars and light trucks in the U.S. will be equipped with wireless technology that collects and reports information about your service and maintenance records and your driving habits?

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Who has access to this information? Spoiler alert – it isn’t the driver and it isn’t the independent repair facility. As of right now, only the OE manufacturers have direct access to the incredible amount of vehicle data. Car owners don’t have full ownership of their data, they don’t have the ability to control how it’s collected or where it’s sent and, frankly, they just don’t understand the problem this can cause. That’s why the Your Car, Your Data, Your Choice campaign sponsored by the Auto Care Association and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association is so important. This education initiative created to engage car owners, policymakers and other stakeholders on car data will help the American drivers be in control of the data their vehicles transmit. How can you get involved?


Visit Your Car Your Data today. Sign the petition to stand with the 88% of consumers nationwide to demand access to and control of your car’s data. And tell Congress that your car -and your data -should belong to you –not the vehicle manufacturer.

This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products. Click here to enter the Your Car. Your Data. Sweepstakes.

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