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Offer a better customer experience of ownership

Dealers can improve their profitability while also helping customers get more for their money.

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Dealers can improve their profitability while also helping customers get more for their money. There are value shoppers who think cheaper tires are what they want. But, it’s possible that if they know a little more, they may be open to tires that deliver greater benefits, proving that a low initial cost may have little to do with a low cost per mile. Let’s think about the total cost of ownership vs only considering the lower cost per mile.

A customer can be educated about strategies that can lower their cost per mile, such as practices that help to maximize tire life and lower costs; including using the correct tire in the right position, and checking tire inflation every day to make sure tires are properly inflated, especially for the load at hand. Your involvement in their success may pay off many times over, and their trust in your recommendations may enhance their loyalty.

At Double Coin, we think a low cost per mile is important, but it’s only one facet of ownership. Customers must consider their “total benefit of ownership,” or their “total ownership experience.” There is a cost to owning tires, but the goal should be about the benefit of owning. Tires are more than a cost, they are an investment, and this investment has an impact on your customer’s success as a fleet or owner-operator. Therefore, what factors will lead them to have a positive ownership or investment experience? And how can you contribute to their success?

Here are six essentials we recommend every business considers when evaluating their ownership experience – essentials that if pointed out can lead them to a purchase.
● Tire technology
● Warranty
● Extensive product line
● Availability
National Dealer Network
● Competitive-pricing

First, a customer’s “great investment experience” is directly impacted by the technology that goes into the tires they buy. What goes into making a great TBR tire? Engineering, technology and materials that deliver uncompromised performance. Unlike others, Double Coin remains consistent with the premium raw materials we use in our product. Our durable tires have integrated technologies to enhance safety and durability, plus, our TBR tires are engineered with 4 steel belts to provide your customers with the assurance of long-term performance. 4 belts increase tire reliability, extend tire life and reduce the cost per mile, plain and simple. Offering that type of quality will build customer confidence.

Second, confidence impacts the ownership experience. Confidence can be enhanced by presenting your customers with a warranty that is worth its weight in words. Customers should expect their tires to perform as promised, but if something happens, they will appreciate working with a dealer and a manufacturer who is on board to fix any problem quickly. Our performance as a company is as critical as the performance of the tires we manufacture, and our promise to our dealer partners is to offer the service and support that builds customer confidence. Every Double Coin TBR tire is backed by a “no-hassle” 7-Year, 3-Retread Warranty. You can be confident that we will stand with you to solve every problem if it ever arises.

More choice enhances long-term customer satisfaction. A wide-selection of steer-position, drive-position, all-position, and trailer-position tires enables you as a dealer to find the right tires for your customer’s unique applications. For example, if a fleet customer requires a tire that provides solid traction in rain, snow, and mud, educating them about the value of an open-shoulder drive-position tire such as the RLB452 drive-position tire will instill customer confidence. You may have customers who are looking for an ideal tire for long-haul applications. They may find our closed-shoulder RLB400 drive-position tire ideal plus its casing integrity which promotes multiple retreads an added bonus.

Knowing a customer’s applications can earn you a loyal customer. For example, steer-position tires are engineered for different uses. Our SmartWay-verified RR680 regional/all-position steer tire offers your customer superior traction in rain, and long original tread life. But if a fleet is looking for an all-around great performer, they’ll find the RR150 to be a steer-position tire ideal for multi-uses.

Not having the tire available when a customer wants it, can be frustrating to your customer and also to you. Lack of product availability is a huge contributor to a diminished ownership experience, as well as your selling experience. The cheapest tire when unavailable creates expensive delays. Our advanced manufacturing facilities are on line to keep your dealership well-supplied. Plus, we’ve invested in strategically located warehouses across the nation to assure that you have ready access to our entire line of quality tires when a customer needs them.

Finally, tire cost can be better understood as competitive-value. The cheapest tire may not deliver a lower cost of ownership, and the most expensive TBR tires you offer may be high quality, but their cost impacts your customer’s investment experience. Competitive value takes into consideration Tire Technology, Warranty, Extensive Product Line, and Product Availability.

We believe, dollar for dollar no one offers you a more competitive advantage and your customer more value than Double Coin. That is why we continue to say “The Smart Money is on Double Coin” and your customers will achieve a lower cost per mile and a better ownership experience.

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