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Temperature and time are both crucial factors for the vulcanisation of rubber during both the mould and pre-cure retreading processes.

For this reason, in October 2008, Germany’s RÖsler Group founded an R&D department to work on developing specific software for accurately determining these two factors during vulcanisation. RÖsler reports that its software improves the quality and consistency of the products made by its two major retreading brands, Rodos and Schelkmann.

The mould cure process used by Rodos in the retreading of OTR tyres takes several hours to complete, and it is particularly important to precisely determine the curing time in connection with the curing temperature, as any unnecessary prolongation of the time will result in the rubber becoming over-vulcanised. This reduces the tyre’s mileage and weakens the casing at vulcanisation temperatures of more than 150°C. During the Schelkmann pre-cure process, however, operators need to focus their caution at the other end of the scale: the curing time of the tread to be vulcanised and the bond with the casing is also extremely important, as a maximum curing temperature of only 99°C is allowable, and the risk of under-vulcanisation is thus present.

Hardware and software that delivers precise results makes it possible to determine the optimal curing times within the autoclave in which the tread is vulcanised with the casing. This is the reason why the team at RÖsler developed dedicated software – a programme that analyses the measured data taken from six tyre points around the tyre, and using an algorithm calculates how best to prevent over or under-vulcanisation. In addition to ensuring the best possible mileage, quality and operational reliability from the retreaded OTR tyres, RÖsler states that its software delivers the additional benefit of energy savings.

Schelkmann and Rodos are but two retreading brands benefiting from the new RÖsler software; the company is offering it free of charge to all its license customers worldwide. (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)

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