Michelin Debuts X-Ice North 4, a Studed Tire for the Canadian Market

Michelin X-Ice North 4 Capitalizes on Ice Handling, Braking

The Michelin X-Ice North 4, coming to the Canadian market this year, features new stud technology, enhanced compounding and availability in 30 sizes.

During its launch of the Michelin X-Ice Snow in late February, the French tiremaker also revealed a new studded winter tire it’s launching for the Canadian market in 2020.

The Michelin X-Ice North 4, launched in Europe two years ago, features new stud technology, an enhanced tread design and will be released in 30 sizes this year, said Sabrina Garafolo, operations marketing manager for Michelin’s Canadian operations.

The X-Ice North 4 is built for ice braking and handling as well as low noise and ride comfort – an aspect not typically found with studded tires, said Garafolo.

The tire’s noise reduction is thanks to the configuration of its studs, placed strategically on the tire using an algorithm, she said. Compared to its predecessor, the X-Ice North 4 also features triangular studs instead of flat studs, which Garafolo said better dig into ice for greater traction. The tire also features various-shaped tread blocks that differ in length and width that contribute to greater ride comfort.

The tire’s directional tread pattern features:

  • A V-shaped design, which aids in evacuating snow and ice from the tread;
  • Wide grooves that aid in water and slush evacuation;
  • Notched, interlocking sipes on the tread blocks, which give the blocks greater stability and the tire more biting edges for lasting grip in winter conditions.

Garafolo said the X-Ice North 4’s compound is also made with the company’s Nordic compounding, which provides flexibility in cold temperatures and remains stable in moderate temperatures.

The X-Ice 4 North comes with factory-equipped studs and will be available in 30 sizes ranging from 15-20-in. rim diameters with a speed index of T. The tire is slated to be available for consumers in September, Michelin says.

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