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It’s Time To Think Again!


The NHTSA Commercial Medium Tire Debris Study is not news to the retread industry. We knew it all the time!

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If you are certain that tire debris on our highways (also known as road alligators) is caused by retreads, you need to read the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Commercial Medium Tire Debris Study just released.  

It is a 214-page document and should prove once and for all that the true cause of tire debris on our highways is NOT because of retreads.

The study contains a huge amount of important information about the true causes of tire debris, but is makes clear that retreads are not to blame!

For those who have a serious interest in the findings, see page 188 for the Overall Study Conclusions (10.4).

We knew it all the time, but it’s nice to see that the federal government agrees with us!

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