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Help Customers Get More Life Out of Their Tires

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TBR Tires

We understand the supply difficulties facing you and your customers. Such concerns add another level of stress to an already challenging and competitive business landscape. If there is a silver lining to this season, times such as these create an opportunity to enhance your business relationships with your customers by improving their ownership experience. One way to improve ownership experience is to encourage customers to incorporate daily tire checks.

TBR Tire Pressure Check

Daily Tire Checks
There are a few simple routines that can help alleviate some of the stress, lower costs, and improve customers’ profitability. The first discipline to prolong tire life is to encourage daily tire inflation checks, and ensure each tire is properly inflated to match the weight of the load at hand. The added value of checking tire inflation daily is that they stay close to the tires, and see what’s going on. What is the tread depth? Is there irregular wear? Are there cuts, bulges, cracks, punctures, or chunks missing? Is there something that can be fixed today that will delay replacing the tire? Your efforts to improve their experience may be the reminder they need to call you first.

TBR Tire Alignment

Maintain Proper Alignment
Another routine is to make sure their vehicle is properly aligned. As you know, improper alignment shortens tire life, harms fuel economy, and adds to your customer’s costs. Proper tire inflation and alignment also protect the foundation or casings of tires. Reminding them to protect tire casings protects their investment and enables them to extend tire life by retreading their tires. Casing quality extends tire life, while the habit of regular tire inspection extends the life of the casings.

Double Coin 4-Belt TBR Tire

Built To Extend Tire Life
Here’s what we offer to the customer. Double Coin manufactures our TBR tires with the purpose of improving the ownership experience. Every TBR tire we build uses premium raw materials, and is engineered with 4-belts and other technologies in order to deliver uncompromised long-term performance. 4-belts increase tire reliability, protect casings, extend tire life, reduce the cost per mile, and encourage multiple retreads.

For example, on our high-quality RLB400 drive-position tire, its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running which preserves casing integrity. This design promotes multiple retreads, which lowers its total cost of ownership for your customer and optimizes their total benefit of ownership. On the fuel-efficient shallow tread FT115 trailer-position tire, its advanced casing design extends the life of the tire. Double Coin’s SmartWay-verified RR680 regional/all-position steer tire not only offers your customer superior traction in rain, and long original tread life, it also enables them to get multiple retreads.

Tire Retread

Retread Your Tires
Retreading saves energy, saves the environment, and saves money. Your customer deserves a great investment experience, and that involves helping them get more out of their tires. Retreading tires is a way to maximize that experience. Retreading their tires can save them upwards of 50% over new replacement tires. This is a significant savings. Therefore retreaded tires with quality casings offer a great deal of long-term value. A retreaded Double Coin tire (retreaded with high quality compounds) has the potential to last as long as a brand new tire.

A Warranty That Protects the Investment
Double Coin’s durable 4-belt tires are engineered for multiple retreads. Our high-integrity, no-hassle 7-year, 3-retread warranty encourages your customers to retread their tires to get every last mile of performance and value out of them. It’s in their best interest to extend the life of their tires.

Warehouse of Double Coin TBR Tires

Still, tire availability is a big deal. Double Coin has three strategically located warehouses to make sure our TBR and OTR tires are readily available, and you can get the tires you need when you need them. Our warehouses are located in California, Texas, and Tennessee.

We’re working to offer you a competitive business advantage and more value with Double Coin tires. Their ability to be retreaded multiple times, and our warranty that backs them up is why we continue to say “The Smart Money is on Double Coin.” Retreading tires is another way that you can help your customers to achieve a lower cost per mile, but more importantly, a better ownership experience.

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