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Easiest Way to Replace a Damaged OEM Wheel

Sponsored by 1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels

Who would have thought that when replacing a damaged OEM wheel, texting a picture would be easier than a website? With so many variations of factory original wheels, even an experienced salesperson will spend too much time clicking. The RimText system by 1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels, is a text messaging service geared toward quick and accurate quotations when replacing a wheel, or even when selling your take-off wheels.

1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels specializes in the sale and purchase of original equipment alloy and steel wheels. When buying, no core return is required. We stock a massive inventory of reconditioned, take-off, and new replica wheels. Rest assured that whether you buy online at EveryRim.com, utilize our RimText system at 951-RimText (951-746-8398), or call us at 1-800EveryRim (1-800-383-7974) you’ll get the right wheel, the first time, on time.

Need to turn wheels into quick cash? RimText works for that too! Text a picture of just one wheel, or even a mountain of wheels, and get quick quotes right back.

Our president, Billy, sold his first OEM wheel at his dad’s tire shop in 1976. In 1987, he formed his first company, Used Rim, Inc., which specialized in new take-offs and used factory wheels. Service to our industry is what motivated us both then and now. We are unique in that we not only offer alloy wheels, we also offer steel. Within our wheel offerings, just like in the 80’s, we stock various grades from reconditioned, A grade take-offs, and even C grade (worn – scratched – discounted), which might be suitable for an older vehicle.

Sponsored by 1-800-EveryRim OEM Wheels.

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