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TerrainContact A/T

In July, Continental Tire the Americas introduced its foray into the all-terrain space at a ride and drive at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pa., unveiling its new Continental TerrianContact A/T. The new tire is designed to deliver balanced on- and off-road performance for CUVs, SUVs and light trucks. According to Joe Maher, Continental product

Tire Brand Study

The Tire Review Tire Brand Study is  a compendium of how tire dealers feel the brands they regularly stock and sell perform in the market. Once again this year, tire producers and marketers are improving products and services and are better meeting dealer expectations. As a result there is an increase in overall scores across


The Tire Review TIRES Study  was developed to provide tire dealerships with more meaningful data to provide a clearer picture of how tires get sold in real terms. The TIRES Study captures live transactional data from retail and commercial tire dealers, including the top selling brands in each category as well as average over-the-counter prices

Dealer Profile: Pam Gatto

Pam Gatto, CEO of Florida-based Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service, believes she isn’t just selling tires; she’s selling peace of mind. “We’re not here to sell you a tire or a set of brakes,” she says. “We’re going to make sure your car is safe for you and your families.”

Market Profile: Service

Traditionally, Tire Review has paired service data with tire market data in one section. In 2016, we decided to break the information apart from the tire market information to help tire dealers realize the full potential of the service side of their business. All information is Tire Review research unless otherwise noted. Direct any questions

Pirelli Launches P Zero World App

Following the opening of its first retail location, P Zero World, in Los Angeles, Pirelli is launching a P Zero World mobile application for the Apple iPhone and iPad. “The P Zero World application is another example of Pirelli taking its pioneering heritage and technological leadership to service consumer needs,” said Rafael Navarro, senior vice

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Shane Schmidt

When the U.S. economy slid into recession in 2007, many businesses struggled to survive. As the unemployment rate grew to 9.5% by June 2009, California was among the hardest hit states in the country with a jobless rate more than 10%. It was during that time that Shane Schmidt, owner of Schmidty’s Garage in Huntington

Welcome Club 3633

Charles Goodyear revolutionized the commercial rubber industry when he discovered vulcanization and filed patent U.S. 3633. The filing of this patent can be seen as a starting point for the modern tire industry. Throughout history others built upon Goodyear’s discovery: Robert W. Thompson, John Boyd Dunlop, André and Édouard Michelin, Frank Seiberling, Harvey Firestone and

Club 3633 Profile: Josh Hammett

Josh Hammett, 35 Store Manager Family Tire Pros Josh Hammett has been busy trying to change people’s negative experience in the tire industry by providing a great experience to his customers. “Business success is when you have earned a reputation for doing it right and doing it very, very well,” he explained. “Customers come in

Club 3633 Profile: Ron Mohler

Ron Mohler, 30 Commercial Development Manager Elgi Rubber Co. Ron Mohler never really has a normal day. Half of his time is spent getting new products to the market, and the rest is spent doing things like assisting in sales management for the brands offered by Elgi Rubber Co. “I enjoy the idea of technical

Club 3633 Profile: Robert Tinson

Robert Tinson, 38 National Account Manager Schrader Performance Sensors Robert Tinson comes from a long line of automotive aftermarket professionals, but recently joined the tire industry three years ago when he started working for Schrader Performance Sensors. As national account manager, it’s typical to find Tinson on the road, talking to customers or connecting with

Club 3633 Profile: Jacquie Hower

Jacquie Hower, 29 Director of Operations Zimmerman’s Automotive Service Inc. In April, Jacquie Hower watched Zimmerman’s Automotive Service’s Family Service Day unfold before her, later realizing that this would become one of the most defining moments of her career. Hower, who was in charge of the coordinating the event, says, “It was one of the