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How to Fail

If you’re familiar with my Pinnacle Performance Training or you’ve been reading my columns in Tire Review over the past several years, then you know my focus is on success – creating a winning sales, customer-service and workplace culture that both differentiates and elevates independent tire and service businesses above and beyond the competitors. But

Pinpoint Marketing

In the past, targeting a specific area with your shop’s marketing message was somewhat limited: direct mail, newspaper ads, and radio or TV commercials were among the most popular methods. But even with classic target marketing, a tire dealer never really knew how many eyes or ears actually received the message, and often the cost

BFG Sales Go Online

Michelin North America’s BFGoodrich brand is joining the direct-to-consumer online sales path with the launch of its online tire purchasing program in September. Michelin will initially launch online sales through bfgoodrichtires.com in the greater Charlotte, N.C., area and will expand the program across the U.S. in phases later this year. Michelin branded tires won’t be

Dealers Go Beyond in Banff

As the morning fog lifted across the mountains of Banff, Alberta, 25 tire dealers gathered for a dealer meeting update from Falken Tires leadership on Aug. 9. During the meeting the tiremaker detailed the direction of the company, its products and its positioning within the marketplace. Mirroring the adventure vibe of its national consumer advertising

Dealing with Slow Times

The tire business can be a seasonal one. It can also be geographical. Depending on where you’re located and what time of year it is, as an independent tire dealer, you may experience heavy sales periods followed by dry spells. Things you can do to avoid a total drought: • Have a “limited-time only” sale

Step by Step: How a Brake Pad is Made

Even with zero moving parts, the common replacement brake pad is one of the most difficult components on a vehicle to engineer and manufacture. From the initial design to the final packaging, here’s a look at what it takes to make a brake pad. 1. The birth of a brake pad starts here in the

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Jason Greer

Two years ago Jason Greer, owner of Buckner, Ky.-based K&G Tire Pros, took money from his advertising budget that would normally go toward TV and radio advertising and instead put that money toward helping the community that’s helped him thrive. “Myself and a lot of my key employees are from the area,” Greer says. “We

Ag Tires: Looking Ahead

Have you ever looked back at your high school yearbook? Look at yourself, all young and full of hope, maybe a little naïve about life. Look at that hair! Look at what you were wearing! What were you thinking? Don’t worry. I’m not singling you out. We were all there with you. In the ’70s,

Embracing Online Sales

I’m experiencing déjà vu. Another tire manufacturer – Michelin North America – has entered the direct-to-consumer market. And no surprise, Tire Review’s website blew up with comments from tire dealers that manufacturers are out to steal the tire dealer’s business. I feel your pain. This direct-to-consumer sales trend hurts your business. You’re no longer in

Lessons from Danville

It’s been a few weeks since the calling hours and funeral of Billy Scheier. Somewhere in Virginia his son, Bill Jr., is probably in a classroom, searching for a new normal without his biggest fan. Wife, Wendy, is probably missing him every day, summoning the strength to smile when asked how she’s doing: “I’m fine.”

$47,476 is the New $23,660

On Dec. 1, 2016, about 4.2 million exempt employees in the United States will become non-exempt. And some of those employees 
probably work for you. The History of the Fair Labor Standards Act Enacted in 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates things like a federal minimum wage and requires overtime pay for all

Retread Industry Update

The global retread industry is facing difficult and uncertain times. But there are bright spots within the industry and opportunities for growth in many markets. The retread industry has always been about delivering a quality product at an economically advantageous price while also delivering high-impact environmental savings. With increasing supply and over-supply of inexpensive third-