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Six Trends Impacting the Trucking Industry

From increasingly stringent fuel efficiency regulations to the regionalization of fleets, a number of trends continue to impact the North American trucking industry. Let’s look at six of the top trends within the segment. 1. Tonnage increases According to the most recent data available from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the trucking industry hauled 9.96

OTR Market: Highs and Lows

The off-the-road (OTR) tire business is cyclical, highly specialized and greatly impacted by global economic factors. This may not be groundbreaking news, however the extent and speed of change for these cycles has taken on a new level over the past few years. This will present several new industry challenges over the short-term, with much

Ag: A Story of Emotions, Volatility and Risk

Agriculture in 2016 is a story of intuition and data. For centuries, farmers have been successful in part by relying on their good intuition passed from generation to generation. Many farmers know when to plant, which crops will yield the most bushels per acre and the highest profits, and they trust their gut to know

It’s an Industry Issue, Not a Women’s Issue

Labor shortages seem to be the common story of our industry. Although sources differ in their analysis of what the Canadian automotive industry labor gap will actually be in the coming years, our members are alarmed, claiming numerous unfilled jobs and a dwindling pool of available skilled candidates. A 2009 Canadian Automotive Repair and Service

Dealer Training for a New Marketplace

Twenty years ago, a young non-profit professional was tasked with convincing the truck tire and wheel service industry that they needed to train their employees in order to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. It’s just as absurd as it sounds. Employee training has been required by OSHA for almost 40 years

Auto Care Update: Warranties & Telematics

Within the auto care service industry, tire dealers are one of but two segments that show growth in the total number of outlets over the past eight years, up by 0.9% annually since 2007 to an estimated 19,851 locations in 2015. Even more impressive is the fact that the rest of the service sector contracted

U.S. Tire Demand Near All-Time High

Once you eliminate the noise around the politics of a weak economy and look at the facts, it appears the U.S. tire market is ready to break records. The U.S. replacement tire business (which is greater than 80% of industry volume) is facing demand never before seen in the truck and bus radial (TBR) segment. 

Market Profile: Tires

The tire industry is ever evolving. Passenger tire tariffs and pending truck tire tariffs are impacting or will impact the business of tire dealers across the U.S.  Recently announced mergers and plant expansions within the U.S. could shake up the market even more. With all of the shifts and changes and re-directions, it’s hard for

Toyo Adds to Open Country Line

Mid July, Toyo Tire USA Corp. added two new tires to its Open Country line, the Open Country C/T and the Open Country Q/T. The new designs are intended to better position the product family for the projected growth within the light truck and SUV segment, bridging the gap between “rugged” and “refined.” The Open

P Zero World Debuts

Putting their own spin on the traditional tire store, Pirelli Tire North America opened the doors of its new P Zero World on June 15. The new retail pilot store translates Pirelli’s luxury-brand approach into its first-ever brick-and-mortar location, combining retail, service and corporate offices into one place. The company hopes this corporate-to-consumer combination will

Industry Change Starts with the Independent Tire Dealer

Welcome to Tire Review’s SourceBook 2016. In the pages that follow, you’ll find the latest numbers, details and statistics based on in-depth research gathered from across our industry. The information in this issue is designed to help tire dealers better understand the market forces and global industry that directly impacts their business on a daily

General Grabber X3

In the spirit of “anywhere is possible,” the team at Continental Tire the Americas introduced the new General Grabber X3, a highly anticipated mud-terrain addition to the General brand’s off-road lineup. The new design was introduced and tested at a dual-brand ride-and-drive event at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pa., in July. The tiremaker also