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Proud to Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Bill Bender, Boulder Tire

After years of working at various shops and creating businesses of his own across the country, Bill moved to Denver and served as a Master Technician at a Nissan car dealership. In 1983, he decided to set out on his own and do things differently.

Creating a Culture of Change

For the past six months, I’ve been lucky to travel across North America and spend time with tire dealers, distributors and manufacturers at various events and conferences. The theme I hear most is that “change is upon us,” and independent tire dealers who embrace the trends and position themselves well are the ones who will

Busting Digital Myths

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before. They seek information throughout the purchase process and this, in turn, drives their use of smartphones and their consumption of online information. While this comes as no surprise, there is a deeper connection: opportunities exist for savvy tire dealers who find ways to take advantage of this

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Audra Fordin

When a recession hit in the late 2000s, tire dealer Audra Fordin, owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop in Queens, N.Y., was at risk of losing her business as fewer and fewer cars came to the shop. But through this struggle, Fordin found her business’ (and her own) salvation in an unlikely

Pirelli Expands P Zero Line

During a pre-SEMA event in Las Vegas, Pirelli invited media, dealers and friends to the Cleveland Clinic Keep Memory Alive Center to introduce new additions to its P Zero family of tires. The tiremaker also shared details on the new innovations in Pirelli technology, including an update on the company’s strategic direction. Brand Update A

Cartridge Wheel Bearing Service

Wheel bearing service on import front-wheel-drive cars with cartridge-style wheel bearings can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper tools. The wheel bearings are pressed into the knuckle making them impossible to remove unless you have a hydraulic press or a puller designed to push the wheel bearings out of the hub. Import

Continued Growth

What is the American dream? There’s something about an election year that evokes such existential questions. Is it an innate desire to lead a better life than our parents? What’s our purpose? Maybe it’s just to be happy, but I think it goes deeper than that. Since the beginning of recorded humanity, we’ve progressed and

“The Boss” Behind New Tires, Sales Tools

With a renewed commitment to both its dealers and “The Boss” (i.e., the customer), Bridgestone Americas’ leadership rolled out new products and strategies at its recent dealer meeting. The three-day Bridgestone Consumer Tire Business Meeting in Los Angeles kicked off Nov. 9 with an opening night al fresco dinner and VIP tours of Paramount Studios.

Preventive Healthcare for Your Company

I suppose some people really enjoy going to the doctor.  For most of us, however, being poked and prodded is not high on our to-do list. And yet we go anyway – sometimes even when we are not yet sick! Why? Because we realize there is value in preventive care and in diagnosing an infection before it

A Conversation with Gordon Knapp of Bridgestone Americas

On stage at the Bridgestone Consumer Tire Business Meeting in November, Gordon Knapp, the new CEO and president of Bridgestone Americas Inc., shared his concerns over the commoditization of the tire industry and the importance of adding value to each customer interaction, without a “race to zero” of selling on price alone. Once out of

Loaded Calipers

Caliper replacement is often the best course of action to ensure that a braking system will perform at an optimal level in terms of safety, performance and maximizing brake pad life.

Winter Tires and TPMS

The time to change to and from summer to winter tires is both a regional and personal decision. Whenever it takes place, a changeover brings with it a need for consumers to make some decisions. The decision to purchase or not purchase a second set of wheels needs to be followed with questions about TPMS