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Toyo Adds to Open Country Line

ToyoMid July, Toyo Tire USA Corp. added two new tires to its Open Country line, the Open Country C/T and the Open Country Q/T. The new designs are intended to better position the product family for the projected growth within the light truck and SUV segment, bridging the gap between “rugged” and “refined.”

The Open Country Q/T or “Quiet Terrain” is designed to offer a more refined experience while still offering durability, good looks and performance, specifically targeting owners of CUVs to luxury SUVs. A touring all-season tire, the Q/T is built for a wide range of vehicles and boasts a comfortable ride, quiet experience, improved wet and light-snow traction, attractive styling and extended tread life, Toyo said.

The Q/T will replace the Versado CUV product from the company’s luxury line of touring tires, providing higher-end SUV and CUV vehicle owners with a more performance-oriented look, refined handling, plus a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty and a no-regrets trial offer. Designed to fit most popular CUVs and SUVs, the tire is available in 35 sizes.

The all-new Open Country C/T or “Commercial Traction” introduces a new category for the line, a more rugged tire designed for commercial vehicles. Developed for balanced on- and off-road work, Toyo designed the C/T to offer commercial-grade durability, on- and off-road capabilities and tough construction for long tread life and traction in gravel, mud, and snow, the tiremaker said. Though not intended to replace an actual snow tire for wintery climates, the tire’s traction and handling has earned it a 3-peak mountain rating for severe snow.

The Open Country C/T’s tread pattern is aggressive yet optimized for minimum road noise with good traction and cut and chip resistance, the tiremaker said.

The tread is also pinned to accept TSMI #15 studs to aid in ice traction.

Additionally, the tire features dual-angle shoulder blocks to improve traction in snow, mud and rutted roads, Toyo said. The Open Country C/T size line-up includes 16 popular OE replacement and flotation sizes ranging from 16- to 20-inches in wheel diameter and load ranges D and E.

According to Toyo leadership, the expansion of the Open Country product line was driven by dealer feedback and interaction in response to requests – the Q/T within the luxury SUV segment and the C/T for as a solid option for drivers who rely on their vehicles for their livelihood.

“We have a tremendous passion for light truck tires,” said Roy Bromfield, Toyo Tire USA Corp. president. “The light truck market is booming and we are trying to address every need.”

He added that more than 50% of the tire manufacturer’s sales come from the SUV and light truck market, so the new products will help Toyo continue to expand its offering for dealers in those areas.

Slated for an Aug 1 release, Toyo is offering dealers in-store promotional information and product details, website updates and online training. The initial C/T and Q/T are being produced at Toyo’s facility in Georgia.


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