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BFG Sales Go Online

bfg_websalesMichelin North America’s BFGoodrich brand is joining the direct-to-consumer online sales path with the launch of its online tire purchasing program in September.

Michelin will initially launch online sales through in the greater Charlotte, N.C., area and will expand the program across the U.S. in phases later this year. Michelin branded tires won’t be far behind, with Michelin brand online sales targeted to begin end of 2016, Brian Adams, project manager for Michelin/BFGoodrich e-commerce, told Tire Review. Michelin chose Charlotte to pilot its online sales due to its proximity to Michelin’s headquarters in Greenville, S.C., and large distribution center, allowing Michelin to focus on execution before expanding to other markets, Adams noted.

“This is an important evolution in the tire purchasing process,” said Scott Clark, CEO of Michelin North America. “These days consumers expect to be able to buy products anywhere, at any time and on any device. Our brand does not own any retail stores, so our close relationships with our dealer network are critical for success. We have worked very closely with them to develop an e-commerce service partner program and an online sales approach that’s jointly beneficial to consumers, dealers and our company.”

According to Michelin, the website will simplify the tire buying process for consumers by allowing them to research and purchase tires online, then schedule an installation appointment at a BFGoodrich service partner. Additionally, consumers can opt to answer a question on their driving habits, which will filter tire choices based on their criteria.

Once an order is placed online and installation is scheduled, the tires will be shipped directly to the service partner to be installed at the appointed time. Adams told Tire Review that online tire orders are currently only being sent to service partners for installation, but the tiremaker would eventually like to incorporate home deliveries for consumers wishing to install their own tires.

Michelin is currently working with its Michelin and BFGoodrich dealers, who are vital to the success of the program, and will be rolling out additional information to help them get involved with the program.

“Basically if you are a Michelin/BFGoodrich authorized retailer today, you hit the first criteria to be part of the program. The second criteria is you need an Internet connection and email capability at the actual POS level and that has to do with managing the appointment sand making sure we meet the appointments,” Adams said. “As long as you meet two criteria and are interested, you can sign up.”

Authorized dealers involved in the online program will also have the opportunity to earn a check for installation revenue and commission, but online sales will not count toward unit sales.

If a customer orders the wrong tires, Michelin has policies in place to deal with incorrect orders.

“There is a very detailed user manual that will be provided to  partners upon enrollment in the program that will clearly answer all process questions,” Michelin said. “Additional questions should be directed to Michelin ePartner Program for appropriate agreed upon resolution.”


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