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Bridgestone’s Ferrari Adds Global COO to His Duties

Bridgestone Group has been working on its corporate transformation for the past two years since the start of Third Foundation/Bridgestone 3.0 in 2020 focusing on “execution” and “delivering results” with an “aggressive approach” and “challenge” spirit which has brought us closer to becoming a “strong” Bridgestone. In anticipation of a series of turbulent events such

Martins Acquires Wheel Safety Company Checkpoint

Martins, a Canadian supplier of tire and wheel safety equipment, has recently acquired UK-based Checkpoint, a global leader in wheel safety, the company says. With Checkpoint, Martins adds a host of wheel safety solutions, namely a variety of visual indicators of nut movement, to its line of products. Checkpoint also comes with 30 years of

How to Measure Belt Wear

Drive belts need friction to operate. It sounds counterintuitive, but friction between the belt and the pulleys allows power transmission from the crankshaft to an alternator, power-steering pump or AC compressor. To produce these levels of friction, the belt and pulleys need surface area. This is why they have grooves that line up with great

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Continental Launches Tires Made from Recycled PET Bottles

Continental has launched volume production of recycled polyester yarn, which is obtained from PET plastic bottles. The new high-performance material will first be used in select sizes for Continental’s PremiumContact 6 and EcoContact 6 summer tires and the AllSeasonContact tire, Continental says. Recycled polyester yarn completely replaces the conventional polyester in the carcass of the

A Common Link Between Tires, Brakes and TPMS

Using the Autel ITS600 for TPMS service is just smart business. The ITS600 has a host of other “add-on” tools to provide your customers a detailed examination of their vehicle health by use of the scan report that is easy to read and understand. Let’s dive into the Tire Brake Examiner 200 (or TBE200) used

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TIA’s Dick Gust Talks Labor, Training & OTR Tire Recycling [Audio]

There’s never a dull moment in the tire industry: dealers are grappling with the recent labor shortage, the evolution of technology means dealers and their teams must stay on top of training and sustainability is at the forefront of tire technology. With more than 25 years in the tire industry, Tire Industry Association CEO Dick

Nexen Tire Unveils 80th Anniversary Emblem

Nexen Tire recently unveiled a commemorative 80th-anniversary emblem to observe the company’s eight decades in the tire manufacturing sector. The new commemorative emblem incorporates Nexen’s legacy and history, symbolizing the importance of the company’s long-term commitment to its consumers, Nexen says. The overall design of the emblem resembles a moving tire, demonstrating Nexen’s initiatives of

Kal Tire on Cutting Edge of OTR Tire Recycling

One of the biggest challenges in the OTR industry is dealing with scrap tires. Scott Farnham, director of recycling services for Kal Tire, knows this well: He’s seen mining sites with tires stacked four high as far as your eyes can see. And these tires, most often left to rot in the sun, weigh 2,000

Nokian Plans to Up Capacity with EU Sanctions on Russia

The European Union has announced new sanctions against Russia, impacting Nokian Tyres’ business, the Finnish tiremaker says. The sanctions prohibit the import of tires from Russia to the EU, prohibit the export of certain raw materials from the EU to Russia and limit transportation from and to Russia. Nokian says the new sanctions will have

TIA’s Dick Gust Talks Labor, Training & OTR Tire Recycling [Video]

In an industry that either makes or sells those four round circles of rubber that go on your vehicle, there’s quite a lot going on. Tire dealers are being hit hard by the most recent labor shortage, the evolution of technology teams you and your employees must stay on top of training and sustainability is

Sun Auto Acquires Superior Tire

Sun Auto Tire & Service, Inc. announced the acquisition of Superior Tire, an automotive tire and repair store brand serving the northwest region of Arizona. Based in Mohave County, Superior Tire has served the area since 1979. Its four locations are now part of the Sun Auto family of brands, the company says. The Western

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Fast-Tracking Business Expansion & Change with Aaron Telle

Expanding from one store to two is hard enough, but imagine expanding from one to 19 stores in the span of 10 years. If you think that sounds like a daunting task, you’re not alone. But that’s the feat Aaron Telle, owner of Telle Tire & Auto Centers based in St. Louis, Missouri, accomplished after