Lessons Learned from the VIP Tires & Service CEO's Favorite Tunes

Lessons Learned from the VIP Tires & Service CEO’s Favorite Tunes

It takes the right ingredients to become a star, and for Tim Winkeler, CEO of VIP Tires & Service, those qualities boil down to a few key virtues.

You didn’t think we would do a Rock Stars segment without talking rock and roll, did you?

Tim brought us to one of his favorite local stores, Bull Moose Records, to play a little “Would You Rather” with some of his favorite tunes. And, fun fact, in his always very helpful Tim Winkeler way, he doesn’t just shop here – he mentors the CEO of this business, too – just for fun! These Maine CEOs have to stick together, right?

OK. Enough preamble. Let’s rock.

Want to know more about why Tim Winkeler is Tire Review’s Vehicle Care Rock Star? Click here.

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