The CEO of VIP Tires & Service Explains the Power of Discipline

The CEO of VIP Tires & Service Explains the Power of Discipline

Do you want to be a rockstar in the tire industry? Start by establishing a routine, says Tim Winkeler.

Running a successful business, studying to become a deacon, supporting local businesses via mentorship, advocating for Right to Repair legislation, spending time with this family, and regularly giving his time and money to charity – are all part of Tim’s average day-to-day life, and he is well aware he has more to keep up with than your average Joe. Discipline is certainly a powerful tactic in accomplishing these tasks, but he says it’s actually the relationships he’s made in all of these aspects of his life that allow him to keep moving forward.

“Early on in my career, I realized that what I felt was my gift was this idea of management and leadership. But it was really born out of an ability to create relationships. I realized that my gift was getting to know people and understanding the trials they were going through, and then ultimately helping them become great in whatever pursuit they have,” Tim says. “That’s kind of culminated today, because we’ve built an unbelievable team at VIP. What I’ve done is I’ve helped build relationships, get to know people, understand what their goals are or what they’re good at – what their gifts are – and then help them sort of activate that and step into leadership roles in whatever way that may be.

“I’m blessed. I’m one of those people where it doesn’t feel like a job. We’ve got such great team members and I feel like they have the freedom to do their best work. When they have that kind of freedom and they are empowered to run their part of the business, it makes my job much easier to do what I do. All I have to do is continue to foster that environment and help people.”

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