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Commercial Tires

Commercial Tires:Much to Consider in Attacking This Profitable Segment


pplier with state-of-the-art product. And, of course, you have to provide quality service at affordable prices.
Those are obstacles some dealers don’t want to hurdle. But to get the business, you have to let commercial accounts know that you’re out there. If you’re not actively searching for profits, someone else is.
One thing a dealer can do to endear himself to a commercial account is to save the fleet money. No matter how much money is rolling in, everyone likes to save money whenever possible. For a dealer to make a fleet more cost effective is important, even though the dealer and the fleet may disagree on what needs to be done.
Another important thing to consider in the commercial market is finding a niche. A dealer might want to niche themselves into a certain segment, focusing on agricultural, OTR, government vehicles, or commercial light truck tire fleets. Or by particular services. Either way, proper consideration can reduce overhead costs and allow to the dealer to be more efficient.
The size of the tire doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s the service and quality the dealer provides that matters. The fleets are the ones that suffer through downtime, but the dealer has to help them reduce the margin of error and increase their uptime.®′

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