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What’s Treading, Ep. 14: AI, Machine Learning & Online Chat Platforms with Openbay [Audio]

In the last few weeks, it seems like the world has shifted into a more digital mindset due to the coronavirus. On today’s podcast, we talk with Rob Infantino, founder of Openbay, about the artificial intelligence and machine learning you can bring to your shop’s digital presence and how online chat platforms could be beneficial

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What’s Treading, Ep. 13: Creating Your Mobile Tire Service Unit [Audio]

We talk with Todd Ford, owner of Custom Upfits, a company based in Sacramento, California, that specializes in building mobile repair units for the tire, wheel and auto body industries, about the mobile repair revolution.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 12: Consumer Finance in the Coronavirus Age [Audio]

In the last four weeks, more than 17 million Americans have filed for unemployment, according to the New York Times, which means for tire dealers and retailers across the country, many people don’t have the money for unplanned expenses right now – and unfortunately, tires often are one of those things. Navigating this situation right

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What’s Treading, Ep. 11: Coronavirus Relief for Tire Dealers [Audio]

With the passage of the CARES Act, tire businesses are entitled to a myriad of different forms of relief and funding. But do you know exactly what your business is eligible for?

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What’s Treading, Ep. 10: Tire Industry Economics & COVID-19 [Audio]

We spoke with financial advisors who study the tire industry to get their pulse on how the coronavirus will affect all parts of the industry in the weeks and months to come.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 9: Communicating with Customers [Audio]

We talk with our Top Shops about how they handle communicating with customers, setting appointments and ways they make the customer experience positive and memorable at their shops.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 8: Tirescanner and Tire E-Commerce [Audio]

We spoke to Michael Welch, founder of tire e-commerce site Tirescanner, to review Tirescanner’s first year in business.

What’s Treading, Ep. 7: 2019 Top Shop Winner on Tech, the Tire Industry and Advice [Audio]

Alpio Barbara, owner of Redwood General Tire and Tire Review’s 2019 Top Shop Winner, shares how his 19-bay Silicon Valley megastore stays ahead of the curve as well as what excites him about the industry.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 6: SEMA Prep with the Pros [Audio]

In this podcast, we talk to our Babcox Media Industry Week veterans – members of our staff that have attended the shows for years—to let you in our SEMA and AAPEX survival secrets.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 5: Retread Technology Now & in the Future [Audio]

In this episode of “What’s Treading with Tire Review,” we dig into retread manufacturing and explore the technology that goes into making retreads today, how it’s changed over time and what to expect in the future.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 4: What’s Up in Aftermarket Wheels [Audio]

In this episode of What’s Treading, we talk to a couple of tire dealers who specialize in ultra-high-performance tires as well as aftermarket wheels and find out the trends in wheels that are taking shape from coast to coast.

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What’s Treading, Ep. 3: Delving into Tire Retail Data [Audio]

On this episode of “What’s Treading with Tire Review,” we look at data we’ve collected from tire dealers across the country on all aspects of owning and operating a tire dealership, including in-bay productivity, profit margins, online tire sales, dealers’ most challenging competitors as well as their most critical business concerns.