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Dealer Study: Business During COVID & Forecasting the Future

On a national scale, how has the coronavirus pandemic affected tire dealers? Each year, we conduct our Tire Dealer Survey, and in this episode, we use our survey results to answer that question.

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On this episode of the podcast, we talk with Bruce Kratofil, Babcox Media’s Audience Insights Manager who conducted not only our tire dealer survey but also a variety of aftermarket surveys around the pandemic. In this episode, Kratofil shares:

  • Why the tire dealer survey has changed to focus on operations during the pandemic this year;
  • Changes dealers made in their shop’s operations during the height of the pandemic through now;
  • How dealers’ tire and service sales were affected at the onset of the pandemic through May;
  • And attitudes across different segments of the automotive aftermarket around economic recovery and operations as the pandemic continues.

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Take a look at this year’s Tire Dealer Survey for yourself in Tire Review’s annual Sourcebook issue.

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